Our future features

a) $ZODIAC Coin: The heart of our ecosystem is $ZODIAC, a utility token that fuels various activities within our platform. Holders of $ZODIAC can participate in staking, voting, and access exclusive features and benefits.

b) NFT Staking: We have curated a diverse collection of NFTs that can be staked to earn $ZODIAC rewards. By staking your NFTs, you actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem while reaping the benefits.

c) Zodiac Lottery and games: Engage in an exhilarating lottery experience where you can utilize $ZODIAC to participate. The generated revenue from the lottery is injected in the ecosystem or burned, ensuring a deflationary mechanism that enhances the value of $ZODIAC for holders.

d) ERC1155 Trait Collections and Trait Marketplace: Immerse yourself in a world of unique traits with our ERC1155 trait collections. These rare and valuable traits can be bought, sold, and traded on our trait marketplace, providing endless opportunities for collectors and enthusiasts.

e) Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Zodiac incorporates a DAO structure, giving community members a voice in the decision-making process. Holders of $ZODIAC can actively participate in shaping the future of the ecosystem, proposing and voting on important initiatives.

f) Play-to-Earn NFT Multiplayer Game: Delve into an exciting gaming experience within the Zodiac ecosystem. Engage in a play-to-earn multiplayer game where players can earn valuable NFTs and $ZODIAC rewards while enjoying immersive gameplay.

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