Phase 1: $ZODIAC Launch, NFTs Launch, Staking Platform Launch, Community Creation, CEX Listing

In the first phase of our roadmap, we will lay the foundation for the Zodiac ecosystem:

  • Launch $ZODIAC Coin: Introduce our native utility token, $ZODIAC, which will serve as the backbone of the ecosystem, enabling users to access various features and participate in activities.

  • NFTs Launch: Release our carefully curated collection of unique and valuable NFTs, offering users the opportunity to own and trade these digital assets.

  • Staking Platform Launch: Establish a staking platform where users can stake their $ZODIAC tokens and earn rewards in return, fostering token utility and incentivizing participation.

  • Community Creation: Actively engage with the community, building a strong network of enthusiasts, supporters, and contributors who share our vision for the Zodiac ecosystem.

  • List $ZODIAC on CEX: Seek listing opportunities on reputable centralized exchanges (CEX), making $ZODIAC accessible to a wider audience and enhancing liquidity.

Phase 2: Stake $ZODIAC, Earn BNB, Lottery, New ERC721 Collections

During the second phase, we will introduce exciting new features and expand the utility of $ZODIAC:

  • Stake $ZODIAC, Earn BNB: Enable users to stake their $ZODIAC tokens and earn Binance Coin (BNB) as additional rewards, providing an additional incentive for token holders.

  • Lottery and games: Launch an engaging lottery system where participants can use their $ZODIAC tokens to enter and stand a chance to win valuable prizes, while also contributing to the ecosystem.

  • New ERC721 Collections: Introduce fresh collections of ERC721 NFTs, offering a wider range of unique and captivating digital assets for collectors and enthusiasts.

Phase 3: DAO, ERC1155 Trait Collections, Trait Marketplace

In the third phase, we will empower the community and enhance the ecosystem's capabilities:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Implement a DAO structure where $ZODIAC token holders can actively participate in the decision-making process, contributing to the governance and development of the Zodiac ecosystem.

  • ERC1155 Trait Collections: Introduce a new range of NFTs based on the ERC1155 standard, featuring dynamic traits and attributes that can be combined and interacted with in unique ways.

  • Trait Marketplace: Launch a decentralized marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade ERC1155 trait-based NFTs, creating a vibrant ecosystem for collectors and traders.

Phase 4: Play-to-Earn NFT Multiplayer Game Featuring Our Assets

In the final phase, we will bring immersive gameplay to the Zodiac ecosystem:

  • Play-to-Earn NFT Multiplayer Game: Unveil an exciting multiplayer game integrated with the Zodiac ecosystem, allowing players to earn valuable NFTs and $ZODIAC tokens as rewards for their achievements and contributions within the game.

We are dedicated to following this roadmap, bringing each phase to life, and providing our community with an enriching and rewarding experience within the Zodiac ecosystem. Please note that the roadmap is subject to change and adaptation as we iterate and respond to the needs and feedback of our community.hin the blockchain space.

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